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The image collection is continuously being added too. The website was created after reviewing my collection of aircraft and ship images built up over many years. It was decided to show these images which, total over 30,000 photographs, to enthusiasts and any other interested parties. After 30 years of service working for a major airline my interest in transport has continued into retirement, regular photographic trips are made to record both aircraft and shipping. We also have a selection of aviation images from the early 1990's to 2000's from the collection of Richard Blake.

We present the images depicting the weather conditions which existed at the time the image was taken, this adds character and realism to the photograph. Editing may have taken place on the image but only to improve the photograph within its original format.. The images shown on the website have been resized and appear at a lower resolution than the original photograph, which will be delivered to the customer by E-Mail.The image delivered will be at a greater size, with the security watermark removed.

All images are available for puchase and are delivered via E-Mail, this enables the purchaser to choose how to display and store the digital image. All of the images are suitable for commercial use after a 'Commercial Use Licence' has been purchased from the company. Within this system the licensee may use the image as many times as required, with no time limit on the use of the image. However, the images are not to be used within a photographic image library.
Two additional files will be sent within the Image E Mail, one giving brief details of the aircraft or ship and also a receipt for the image payments, the second file will contain the Commercial Use Licence (if applicable). Please see our 'Terms And Conditions' and 'Price List' for further information on the use of the images.

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